The Choices we Make

The Choices we Make in life, determine our success in life, and reveal our character. Make intelligent choices!


Author: PJDowling

The Choices we Make manifest in our Character. I am a father, husband, employee and blogger. We all make choices everyday, little do we understand the consequences of those choices. - its all about The Choices we Make.

Shaken To The Core

Today I find myself shaken to the core. After speaking with a friend, I have found out that three boys were expelled from their high school, because of some shenanigans amongst a group of them. It seems that horseplay degraded into a bit more. What started with “wet willies” and tickling ended with one of them pretending to shove a…

Three Things I am Grateful For

Despite my editorial schedule, occasionally events/ideas come to light, and which create a need to depart from that schedule. Yesterday, a friends post on Facebook, made me stop and think. Michael Carr offered as a challenge: To post Three Things for which you are Grateful. To post three things you are grateful for, for Five days. Then to challenge Three other…

Rules of a Scientist Life

Have you seen the graphic entitled ‘Rules of a Scientists Life’ floating around the internet or on Facebook or twitter? It seems you cannot miss it. I tried unsuccessfully to trace the origin of these rules. I really don’t know if these rules come from a scientist, or some scientific body, or were made up by someone. Either way, I do believe…