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Category: Alcoholism

Top Ten Traits of an Alcoholic

Writing of alcoholics, I wanted to provide what I believe to be their Top Ten Traits. I would love to hear back from you, about your ideas and any traits you think should also be on the list. Careless:        Like a child, act without thinking. I want it now despite the consequences. Self-pity:        Poor little ole me. Nobody understands me,…

An unforeseen consequence

While living the party life might sound good, there are some unforeseen consequences that most don’t really think about before beginning the party. If you haven’t already figured it out, alcoholism is one of those unforeseen consequences that we young people only pass off as being what happens to others. Alcoholism has many unforeseen consequences, including: losing your family, losing…

Who is an alcoholic?

Growing up in an Irish family, with relatives and friends who seemed to perpetually gather throughout the year, I was no stranger to, nor was I fearful of alcohol. Although I had seen my parents fight at times because my dad had 1 to many to drink, they fought for other reasons as well. My grandfather even had a shot…