The Choices we Make

The Choices we Make in life, determine our success in life, and reveal our character. Make intelligent choices!



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Which choice will you make?

We all make choices every minute of every day. Some of these simple choices include: look at email or focus on task at hand, react to a question or comment immediately, or take a minute to think before speaking, get a drink of water now or later, and many many more like this.

These decisions are not what The Choices we Make is about. Although some of these small decisions can in fact affect the rest of our lives, any impact from them is purely change, at best. No, it is those decisions that we make resultant from what our parents may have taught us, from what we believe, from our faith, from society, etc., that truly make us what we are. Decisions such as, should I work to get money, or do I just rob a store or bank? Do I ask him to marry me, or continue to play the field? Do I honor my vow and commitment to my spouse, or do I divorce them because they are not being good? Do I abandon my family for greener pastures, or do I ensure they are as safe and happy as I can make them?

More of the decisions that we make could also be classified as “game changers” but may not be as obvious. Do I cheat off of others at school (cheating is a short term fix, which could lead to more digressions at worst, but could also leave you unprepared for life’s calling)? Do I copy others work, and hold it up as my own (you have probably seen some careers end recently, because people have been found plagiarizing others work – even newspaper editors and college presidents)?

It usually takes making a bad decision on one of these major decisions for us to wake up and realize that The Choices we Make have consequences. Consequences not only to us, but for many around us as well. Consequences that can leave to little else but a bad outcome. It doesn’t help that public figures around us seem to brush off their bad behavior as a simple mistake, and we believe them – or at least let them skate by without having to face the consequences.

Richard Nixon certainly suffered some consequences to his covering up of the Watergate break-in. He and many other suffered for it. Gerald Ford did pardon him a month after he resigned in disgrace, so he got out of some of the consequences of his actions. Today, we read about Senator John Walsh (D – MT), who is accused of plagiarizing his war college thesis. His fellow senator from MT is already excusing his actions by saying “There’s no malice in this,…”, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee backs him 100%. The fact that he cheated to get where he is, seems of no consequence.

Teachers too, those who we trust our children to, also seem to not understand that their actions have consequences. Remember Mary Kay Letourneau, who thought it a good idea to seduce a student? She at least went to jail, but never learned the lesson as she continued to chase after her prey. They even have a web site up today on the internet about the The 50 Most Infamous Female Teacher Sex Scandals. What pain and suffering the boys, their parents, friends and families must have suffered (and still suffer) because of the choices these women made. And don’t forget the men, they have certainly put up impressive headlines also.

This blog is focused on The Choices we Make, and how those choices make us who we are. How those choices reveal our true character, and define our legacy. Our choices determine who we are, and what we will become and who will be our friends and ultimately life everlasting.

We are The Choices we Make

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