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Top Ten Traits of an Alcoholic

Writing of alcoholics, I wanted to provide what I believe to be their Top Ten Traits. I would love to hear back from you, about your ideas and any traits you think should also be on the list.

Careless:        Like a child, act without thinking. I want it now despite the consequences.

Alcoholic traits

How do you know There an alcoholic

Self-pity:        Poor little ole me. Nobody understands me, woe is me

Flounder:       Generally, do not do as well as their skills allow, they give up.

Excuses:        Tend to blame others for their problems/mistakes. Not their fault. They hate the world

Unfairness:    Everybody is against them and nothings fair. “wah wah wah life’s not fair”.

Patience:        Too difficult to cope with negative feelings/situations for any period of time.

Frustrated:     Frustrated quickly, erupting into anger if something doesn’t go their way

Loveless:       Why would anyone want to love someone as worthless as me?”

Paranoid:       Everyone is out to get them – They feel they are being followed and watched.

Denial:            They do not have a problem, everyone else has a problem

Bonus Trait – This trait is so well known, it is simply a given. It should be a list of its own.

Liars, Cheats and Thief’s: They will make any excuse, tell any lie, cheat anyone and steal from everyone possible; especially their family, in order to drink.

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  2 comments for “Top Ten Traits of an Alcoholic

  1. Stephen Cotton
    December 9, 2014 at 18:07

    I’m curious how “liar” only made the bonus list? I would think that would be at the top of the main list. Where all 10 traits don’t fit all alcoholics, liar does. Whether it be to loved ones, people you don’t like, or yourself we all lie.

    • December 13, 2014 at 05:15

      Alcoholics are definitely LIARS. I list it as a Bonus, but also say that “it is so well known, it could be a list of its own”.
      Perhaps I should have led the blog with Liar at the top?
      Either way, we agree that alcoholics are liars, and will say or do anything for the next drink.
      Thanks for your comment
      Pat Dowling

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