The Choices we Make

The Choices we Make in life, determine our success in life, and reveal our character. Make intelligent choices!


What Questions Do You Ask Yourself When Pondering Life Decisions?

How many life decisions do you make in your lifetime?

  • Where should I go to college?
    important decisions

    Which are your most important decisions

  • Who should I to marry?
  • Should we/I have kids? Or not?
  • Which car should I buy?
  • Which house to buy?
  • Should I take this job?
  • Others?

These and other life choices will define our future. Some say that these choices could even limit our future. Nonetheless, these choices and others become some of the most important decisions we will ever make. After all, we are The Choices We Make

And how do you decide the answer to these questions?

Recently Chris Guillebeau asked the same question and received many different yet similar answers.

Some of the questions he asked included:

  • What’s the worst thing that can happen?
  • What’s the best thing that can happen?
  • How do I feel about this choice?
  • What doors will close if I pursue this choice?
  • Why am I hesitant or indecisive over making this choice?
  • If I don’t make this choice, will I always regret it?

His readers also responded with many different questions themselves, including:

  • which choice will I be most proud of 5 years from now?
  • why is this choice difficult?
  • What are the long-term ramifications?
  • Which can I truly live with?
  • How will I feel in 10 days? months? years?
  • What would I tell my best friend to do?

I agree with every one of these answers. In real life however, decisions are hastily made and made emotionally. Therefore, I try to set myself from the emotions of the decision, by asking myself a different set of questions. The question I use, before making important decisions (and even some that are not so important) is:

our choices determine our character

We are The Choices We Make

  • Would I be able to make the same decision in front of my children and/or my wife?

I have found that decision-making, no matter which decision you make, can often be rationally derived. When you put your loved ones into the equation however, it is much harder to justify what otherwise might appear rational.

Using family as the divining rod of decision-making helps me to make the right choice. It helps me become comfortable with that choice, and helps to clarify those choices.

However you make your own important decisions, remember that The Choices We Make define us, our character, our worth to family, friends, and society.

We are The Choices We Make

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